Sandy, UT during the early ’70s consisted of large open spaces, undeveloped lots, and a young Bryan Rowe ripping around on a BMX bike. During that time, Bryan’s dad ran a motorcycle shop, where little shop rug rats — Bryan and his Brother Kevin — were paid to polish bikes and clean up after the guard dog, Sampson.

As the idiom goes, “boys will be boys” and a mischievous Bryan often found himself in trouble for disassembling his friends bikes… and not putting them back together. Eventually this turned for the better, and he learned to reassemble bicycles — resulting in an eclectic collection of vintage Schwinns restored and preserved by Bryan.

Another fond memory from that time is Bryan single-handily delaying construction of the neighborhood Mormon Church by moving surveyor sticks around. Which, as the only non-LDS family in the area, was most likely a result of the exclusion experienced from the local community.

The Rowe Family also homesteaded in Sandpoint Idaho during the ’80s. They lived out of a tent and later a pole building with dirt floors before moving into the completed house. The hearty lessons learned here transferred into Bryan’s military service. In 1986, Bryan joined the Army, where he was stationed in Savannah Georgia, Turkey, and Germany.


After his service, Bryan returned to Salt Lake City to make a lasting impact on the blossoming outdoors scene of Utah. As a child, Bryan skied Alta, but soon ditched the extra plank for a single board. In fact, he claims to be one of the few to legally carve Alta Ski Area on a swallow tail Burton Elite before the controversial ban in ’85.

Since then, Bryan has amassed an impressive assortment of skis and snowboards. Likewise, from his first BMX to current crop of mountain bikes — Bryan’s always kept the latest and greatest underneath him. The list is long, but here’s some quick notables for the dirt; ’80s 24/26in wheeled Cannondale, ’90s GT Zaskar, ’00s Intense, and most recently the latest Breadwinner. Simply put, he has always had good taste in gear.


Which brings us to what Bryan did to fuel those adventures and equipment. Most simply put, he is a craftsman… but quickly transcends that term when one sees the attention to detail and his natural eye for beauty. If you’ve ever frequented the Coffee Garden on 9th and 9th, visited the Salt Lake Library, or been inside the Utah State capital, you’ve experienced a bit of Bryan’s handy work.

And it extends throughout Salt Lake City… you’ll find more of his work at Backcountry.com, Ski Utah, and the 1st Presbyterian Church to name a few more. Bryan’s talent even stretches beyond Utah with his work at Camper Reparadise. For the complete picture of his capacity, visit browedesign.com.

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